About Me

raven ·rusch

Me, Myself and I

 If you you're not constantly doubting yourself,

 you're doing it wrong.

Artist, Designer, Musician. Studying game arts at the Cologne Game Lab, also student assistent there. Junior Art Director at Icon-Design. Passionate about the arts, scholarly endeavours, the world and existence. Working as a Concept Artist, Illustrator and Designer.



Abitur at Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium, Köln

BA Student at the Cologne Game Lab, Köln



Painter, Draughtsman.


Game Art and Design, Unity3D, Blender, Maya


3D Animation using Maya


Motion-Capture and -Cleanup using Motionbuilder


Design for Web and Print using Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator


Knowledge in C#, HTML and Java Script


Music Production (primarily Ableton Live)


Sond Design


Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Flute



Where to Next?

I'm always looking to improve myself as a person and as an artist. Looking for new opportunities and challenges behind every corner. Always following my passions and igniting new ones along the way.

I'm very interested in Game-related projects, either in visual development or in the sound department, as well as illustration and design jobs. And of course i'm also always open for a good conversation on an intriguing topic!

Looking forward to hearing from you!